Balloons in the Park


Balloons in the Park

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The balloons in the park are at the cornerstone of every street. There is a nostalgic twist in your stomach as a little girl stares up at her Minnie Mouse, her little fist clenched so tightly to the string her mother has strategically tied to the pram - the memory of the crunchy plastic in your hands. The balloons in the park are one of the first things you see that truly return you to your childhood. 

Each print is available in three sizes:

7" x 7" (5x6 printed space)

8" x 12" (7x11 printed space w/ 1" border)

12" x 18" (11x17 printed space w/1"border) 

Printed with pigment inks on a beautifully textured high grade paper with archival qualities, these prints will last you a lifetime and have a wonderful feel when you hold them in your hands. The featured image shows the 8" x 12" option. 

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