Outside Angelina's


Outside Angelina's

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You walk out of the coffee shop with a slightly sleepier motion than when you entered. You don't regret savouring the deliciously thick, rich hot chocolate but a part of you wishes there was somewhere to take a nap afterward. You glance to your left as you walk away, the smartly dressed boy stands outside Angelina's with his drinks stand and you wonder how many times a day he takes a sip and needs to sleep just like you.

Each print is available in three sizes:

7" x 7" (5x6 printed space)

8" x 12" (7x11 printed space w/ 1" border)

12" x 18" (11x17 printed space w/1"border) 

Printed with pigment inks on a beautifully textured high grade paper with archival qualities, these prints will last you a lifetime and have a wonderful feel when you hold them in your hands. The featured image shows the 8" x 12" option. 

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