Tower in the Trees


Tower in the Trees

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The first time you see her, you are caught off guard. You blink into the sky as you see her head peering over the rooftops. You have seen pictures, heard stories - you never imagined she would stand so tall! As you get nearer you feel a little overwhelmed. How can a piece of man made architecture be so intimidating, so beautiful? You stare at her through the blossom filled trees and take a moment to catch your breath.

Each print is available in three sizes:

7" x 7" (5x6 printed space)

8" x 12" (7x11 printed space w/ 1" border)

12" x 18" (11x17 printed space w/1"border) 

Printed with pigment inks on a beautifully textured high grade paper with archival qualities, these prints will last you a lifetime and have a wonderful feel when you hold them in your hands. The featured image shows the 8" x 12" option. 

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